Testimonials from course participants

  • It is a very intensive all-round informative course about the potato cultivation.
  • It is a learning process and helps you to understand more about the potato world.
  • You can learn the basics of growing potatoes.
  • You learn a lot about growing potatoes from the beginning until storage. That various topics make it nice and interesting.
  • It is good to learn about potato production. You can get more experience on potato production, breeding and storage.
  • I think it is a good course for people from abroad.
  • It is important for various people envolved on the chain of potato creation to speak the same language.
  • If you want to learn more about growing potatoes and consumption it is a good course.
  • I have really learned a lot. More than I thought I could in four days. The course is overall excellent!!
  • This is very useful and you can learn a lot of new technologies and new experience.
  • It is very comprehensive and practical.
  • It gives more understanding of potato business in 4 DAYS!!!
  • I and our team gained lots of knowledge and experience from Dutch Experts.
  • It was organized very nicely and thanks to Lizette. It was very nice.

Attending the Potato Business School was a great experience that I would highly recommend to anyone working with potatoes. It was great to get an in-depth overview of the entire potato production system, from breeding to evaluation, harvest and storage. There was a lot to learn, but delivered at a level appropriate for experts and non-experts alike. Among the benefits of the course were that the participants all came from different backgrounds so shared their experiences in the potato industry. The course was a good mix of clear presentations followed by practical visits to nearby farms and companies to see what we learned in practice. It was organised very well, as they managed to contain so much in so little time.


PBSEmmeloord is a powerful boost for the potato growth worldwide

Flevoland is home to many prominent, internationally oriented companies representing all parts of the potato chain. The potato growth in Flevoland represents a yearly turnover of 200 million Euro. With Emmeloord as the potato capital of the world. Several companies in Emmeloord joined forces and together founded the PBSE. It is a powerful concept, which fills me with pride. A concept that the Province of Flevoland gladly contributed to. PBSE provides the potato business with a new impulse for Flevoland and the rest of the world.


I therefore firmly recommend the PBSEmmeloord to you.


J.N.J. Appelman

Deputy Queen's Commissioner

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