Corona update 4.0
Monday 12 July 2021

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Potato Business School to be cancelled due to pandemic.

We have a wonderful list of participants for our course, an accompanying extensive and

diverse programme with all appointments already made and yet, after much deliberation, we have decided to cancel/move the course planned for September.

We had imagined our 10th anniversary year very differently!


For many countries, but also a number of countries of origin of our participants, the Netherlands is still described as a (high) risk area. This causes many entry restrictions. For example, there can be a quarantine obligation upon arrival or return to the country of origin. There can also be a quarantine obligation for everyone (course participants and course leaders/teachers, companies to be visited) if one of the participants turns out to be infected. A realistic scenario is that a longer stay in the Netherlands is necessary. This can lead to problems physically, mentally and financially.

There are also still differences between countries in handling vaccination cards and vaccination status.


We must take our responsibility in this matter and thus limit the risks, which made us decide to cancel the course.

The PBSE will be much more valuable for our participants when there are no more restrictions.

Under the current circumstances, we do not do justice to our course and the participants, with all the risks that an international course currently entails.

A disappointing message but we hope for your understanding.


We hope that the next course scheduled for June 2022 can go ahead without restrictions.



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