Stet Holland

STET is an international trading company, specialized in development, production and marketing of seed potatoes.

STET varieties ensure stable high yielding potato crops in hot climates. The world’s leading processors are using STET varieties for Crisps and French Fries.



A powerful, cooperative organisation that sells potatoes all over the world, breeds new varieties and develops innovative solutions. That sums up Agrico. From seedling to the supermarket shelf.



Breeding, production, trade and export of seed potatoes and ware potatoes, trade and export of onions, vegetables and fruit. Agents in over 40 countries. Also activities in production and trade of organic seed potatoes and ware potatoes.




Tolsma-Grisnich develops and manufactures total solutions for the entire cycle of storage, grading, washing and packaging of agricultural products.


Den Hartigh

Den Hartigh BV sells seed potatoes all over the world. The potato merchant in Emmeloord (Holland) is known for long experience, excellent seed quality and flexible response to the needs of her customers.



Profytodsd supplies knowledge and products in the scope of crop protection, (leaf) fertilizers and seeds in agriculture and horticulture

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