Looking for the latest practical know-how on virtually all aspects of the potato production chain? The route to quality, with focus on what you want to know!


In Emmeloord you can find a unique concentration of knowledge and experience in virtually all aspects of the potato production chain. The local companies have joined forces in the PotatoBusinessSchool Emmeloord to share their knowledge with you.


The PotatoBusinessSchool Emmeloord offers her clients practical courses in the fields of variety selection, (seed) quality management, fertilization, crop protection, mechanization, storage and farm management. 


Combine your potato business trip with a training or make the trip specifically for this purpose. Get state of the art information on how to make the right choices in variety and production method, how to recognise and manage the quality, what mechanization to use and how to properly store and maintain the right quality to the purpose of the production. 


The founders of the PotatoBusinessSchool Emmeloord are happy to educate and instruct you. 

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